Policies & Procedures!

Why every employee needs training AND assessing

Any organisation is leaving itself open to legal action if their staff do not know and follow the organisation's own policies and procedures and something goes wrong.

Even if you are insured, insurers may delay or even worse, not uphold a claim at all, if the employer is unable to demonstrate that employees were aware of the policies and understood them.

Organisations have a responsibility to ensure everyone they employ understands the rules and requlations that govern behaviour in the workplace. Whether it is viewing unacceptable material on a website in the office, using insecure passwords or inappropriate behavior towards colleagues, knowledge and understading of the offical polcies is essential for both employer and employee.

Clearer Than Ever's quick and easy-to-use tutorial and quiz-style software enables all employees from the most senior to the most junior, to remain on top of the rules and regulations and, even more importantly, to be able to show they have understood them.

  • Equality
  • Health & safety
  • Email & social media
  • Financial crime
  • Computer data & privacy
  • Recruitment and employment

The cost of not following the rules

Need Cyber Security training?

Small business cost of single data breach £65,000
Large organisation single data breach £1.5 million
Estimated annual cost to UK £27 billion